I Dare You


When opportunities come your way, I #DARE YOU to take them. No matter how scary they are, no matter how silly they are, and no matter how ridiculous they are. Sometimes you only get one chance. Sometimes that one chance is Gods way of preparing you for a journey you weren't expecting, or one you didn't believe was possible.

Im about to get a bit vulnerable again, but I think yall can handle it. Its what I do.

When I was a kid I was a chubby girl. I grew up in a family where I was the only chubby girl. I remember going to Thrifty at about age  11 or 12 and buying diet pills.  I remember hiding them from my mom and taking them. I was so scared, but society said I wasnt worthy, society said this little girl wasnt capable, wasnt worth being happy, wasnt worthy of success or love. An 11 year old.

This 11 year old grew up dieting, exercising more than everyone else she knew.  She tried all the fad diets, she tried all the eating cleans, the whole30s, paying for trainers, exercising 4 hours a day.

When her body would actually get thinner is when people would tell her she was beautiful, she was worthy of praise. When she was beating up her body and telling herself she was unworthy in the mirror is when society told her she was, worthy, she was beautiful, but she didnt believe it. She couldnt. The damage was already done. The cycles continued. She was the most unhealthy when thin.

Then one day....an opportunity came to her at a time in her life when everything was turned upside down. It was the scariest decision she ever made. What would people say? What would people think? Will they make fun of me? Will they judge me for the wrong reasons? But it was her chance to change the standard. It was her chance to take her life back. It was her decision to help others see their worth, their strength, how they can beat society's prison of lies. She wanted things to change for the better for more than just herself.

She took that opportunity. That opportunity landed her in magazines, landed her on the runways of New York Fashion Week, landed her in the midst of the fashion and modeling industry, just as she was. It changed her perspective. It helped other women see their worth, their beauty, their confidence and strength as well. 

Anything is possible. By taking opportunitys you normally wouldnt, could change your life. I dare you to step out and choose YOU. I Dare you to take chances on yourself in areas you may not believe in YET. Who knows, you could change lives besides your own. 

Without daring myself to take this opportunity I would have never been as healthy mentally and confident about myself as I am now. I am now battling a health condition that has made me gain weight, lose hair, and completely change my appearance. Without the opportunity I had taken to get me where I am at mentally this condition would have probably taken me out mentally. It probably would have completely defeated me. 

We never know what one daring decision could do for us. It helped change so many perspectives of myself, it helped me have more confidence and acceptance in myself than i couldve ever imagined, it helped me teach other women that as well.  

I dare you to take a chance on yourself. I dare you to take those opportunities. I dare you to say yes to self. You wont regret it.



Give yourself permission not to feel guilty


Good morning beautiful soul. How are you feeling today? Do you ever feel stretched thin in the things you are great at? Do you find yourself stretched thin trying to be the perfect worker? The perfect spouse? The perfect parent? The perfect artist? Do you feel defeated in trying to give 100% everywhere knowing you aren't giving 100% everywhere else? Do you feel guilty when you can't give what you know you have to give?


When we choose to become a spouse, life will not be 100% to making them happy. They have to find happiness within themselves and we are there to partner with them on that journey. Their failures aren't ours to carry. We cant always be their everything. They have to find what that looks like while we share the journey.


When we choose a career, we can give our best daily. Our best daily could be 100% or it could be 10% of what we know we can give. As long as we are giving what WE CAN GIVE that day, it is enough. Life throws curveballs and we CANT give 100% daily. It is OK!


When we choose to become parents we already have things in our life we think we should be giving 100% to. Then we add the chaos of an amazing little human or furbaby. We cant be the everything we want to be to that child. If we did then everything else around us would crumble. As a parent Im sure we can all relate on wanting to be that childs everything and sacrificing everything else in life.


I will let you in on a little secret. There is NO balance. The sooner you realize that life will be a bit chaotic, a bit out of your control, that it will not look like what you pictured it to be, the sooner you can give yourself permission NOT to feel guilty.


You are doing fantastic! Do NOT feel guilty. Enjoy this journey, this adventure called life. No matter how chaotic it gets, no matter how different it looks from your vision. Take a deep breathe and enjoy the ride without guilt.

Will I still be me?


I have spent the past year focusing on how to connect with people on their level. How to help them heal from life experiences and bring out a raw and vulnerable side so that people dont feel alone. I think its important that people take those steps once in awhile.

Anyway, to get to a really raw spot, I have been sick for like a year / year and a half. At first I thought it was little things happening (exhaustion, gain weight, hair falling out) Then my body completely shut down in march(buffalo hump, easy bruising, Allergies to foods, breathing problems, emotional dostress, cognitive distress, forgetting my kids names..the list goes on). At that point I really went into researching what was wrong with me.

I had primary care physicians tell me to exercise and eat right and all my symptoms would go away....really? Really? So gaining 60 pounds in a few months while working with a trainer and eating fine is my personal sabbotage? Right!  I wont even go into that or how lazy these drs were or how stupid they made me feel. They wouldnt refer me to an endo because they basically thought it was just me. Then,  I finally saw a Dr. who saw my symptoms, believed it is a certain thing and she sent all the requests for testing off right before i left, but I couldnt take them because if i did i had a feeling i would've had to stay for surgery. So now Im here, in another state, and have to start the process over again, soon.

In the midst of it all Im kinda freaking out inside wondering if I will be the same. Im 99% sure what we are testing for is the issue. If it is, it means that it impacts my emotions and memory. Since it impacts my emotions and my memory does that mean I will be different afterwards? Does that mean the emotions that I have for people, the passion I have to see people healed....will that all go away?

When they fix me, will it take ME away? Will I still be me? 

Im worried about being a different person. Im worried about the recovery. Im worried about possible brain surgery. I've been sick for too long. Eventhough I look and act like a normal person, my body has been screaming for help. Every time Ive tried to figure it out I feel defeated when its not it. I feel like Im trying and trying and I just need somoene to help me and understand. Blogs are good, groups are good, I am praying for a fast diagnosis here and healing to start.  





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Merely Human Concerns


Sometimes in life we get so caught up in being human that we forget who we truly are, where we come from.

Sometimes we let the people of this earth, the sin of this earth, the concerns of this earth consume us.

We tend to bend "Jesus" so that humans will understand us, we tend to bend to win the approval of people, try to bend OUR GOD to please people when in fact we should be seeking approval from GOD, bending for GOD, pleasing GOD. SERVING GOD, NOT PEOPLE.

I finally had this revelation...Im sure God has tried to communicate this to me many times, but Im finally in a place without distraction, a place I can receive it, a place I can implement it.

This continuous echo of not worrying about human concerns. This continuous echo of trusting him and not worrying about the things that happen to us in this world that are from the world. So many things can distract us if we let them. So many PEOPLE can DISTRACT us.

We will go through many things on earth that we can ALLOW to be bigger than they are, or we can breathe out, seek God and see them as what they truly are...but merely human concerns...


God is still working on me


God gave me a vision this morning.


I was running this afternoon and he gave me this vision of this thing and on the outside of this thing were tons of distractions.

It was an echo I had heard in my heart before in previous years, but never took the time to listen to.

Then thoughts of things that could possibly distract me and that are edging up on distracting me from "my goal" "my path I have chose" were brought to the front of my mind.

He showed me a motion of taking my hands and pulling the distractions away from my focus. He put on my heart, that in this world we live in, that those "distractions" can be BIG things to the world, but ultimately when you have a vision to fulfill, a goal if you will, that worldly things should not impact the final product, your outcome.

The "things" of this world are ultimately that, things. Are they painful? Sometimes. Are they hard?Sometimes.  Will they bring us to our knees? If we let them. Do I know the more of Gods work I do the more distractions will be thrown at me? OF COURSE.

Will I give up? Did JOB?

My job for people to feel unconditional love (Jesus love through me) on this earth is NOT done yet.

With vision there is purpose.

With vision there is transformation.

With vision there is growth.

Don't down play the vision he gives you. If he gave it to you, he will make a way for you.

Keep your ears open today to that still soft voice.

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Raising the Broken to Life


Hey Sweet girl. I see you. I see your pain. I have felt that pain myself. Your pain is valid. Your feelings are valid. Take all the time you need to heal, to grieve. Pain like this requires grieving and that process takes everyone a different amount of time. 

See, grief isn't only after someone has died. Grief is also a response to losing a relationship we once had, thinking it would look a lot different than it is. It isn't your fault. You are perfect as you are.

I'm sorry you are where you are, but I am thankful you have been removed from the relationship that broke you inside. You are a blessing, you are on this earth for a reason and it is not to be treated like dirt.  

You have so much life to live, so much joy to experience, and so much love to experience. This is just a season. I promise you it will get better. Focus on your worth. Focus on loving yourself. Focus on what emotional health looks like for you. It wont look like any other person, because you were created to be the beautiful person you are. You need care in a way only you understand. Dont be afraid of what that looks like. Do what you need to do for you. 

Use each day to focus on the good about yourself. Focus on the positives. Im sorry he did not see your worth. Im sorry he did not respect you. Im sorry he hurt you so badly. Do you understand its not your fault? Do you understand its his issues and not yours? Im sorry he placed that upon you. Im sorry he made you feel it was your fault. Im sorry he made you feel you werent worthy of great things, of great love. Im sorry he twisted things around. Im sorry it was all put on you. Im sorry you werent treated like the amazing woman you are. 


BUT NOW....now you get to rise up. You get to choose the life you lead.You get to choose who you want in your life and who you dont want to be part of it. You get to CHOOSE what life will look like for you from now on. You are powerful. You are loveable. You are strong. You dont need anyone to define who you are, that is your job. You do not need anyone to complete you.  


Be you. Take time to find what that looks like. Be gentle, give yourself grace, and make adjustments that you want. Dont settle. You are capable of great things. Dont let anyone tell you different, dont allow it.  

I know you are broken. Broken is the perfect place to start restoration. Broken into tiny pieces means you can look at those pieces and create something more amazing with them when you decide to put them

back together.  

Life is what you make it. Choose positivity. Choose self love. Choose self care. Choose loving you first. Choose YOU.  


You are worth it.  

Growth as a Mother


My #hope is that you know I tried. Even when I was stressed. Even when I was tired. I hope you know I did it ALL for #you. That I had every intention of being good, of being great, but that you will still love me knowing that some days were just okay.


Before we are #mothers we say all the things we will do as mothers. We will say all the things we will NEVER do. We live in this fairytale land of a belief that is NOT reality .


As the years go by we can only imagine what things will be like. We get a little bit smarter knowing that our beliefs are most likely not going to be reality. We will never know until the season is here.


We love you, we care for you, we hide things from you, we protect you, we are your emotional support, we are your training manual to life and you are ours.


I NEVER knew the #JOY , the #PAIN , the #GROWTH you would provide in my life. I never knew I would learn so much about myself, about life, and about what unconditional love and protection look like.


Im still NO PRO. I still fail regularly. But I hope in those failures you see reality. I hope in those failures you see truth and a mother who strives to be all that you need. I hope you see my struggle and persistence to do everything I can for you, even when I have nothing left to give. I will give you every ounce I have left, because you are #worth more than life itself.


I #pray I can be everything you need right now. I pray God blesses me with an understanding you cant verbalize. I pray he protects you in the moments I cannot see. I pray that everything I give you, you can use to make amazing life decisions for yourself.


I love you with everything I am baby girls...-MOM

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You may not feel that yet.

You may not see that yet.

But I know that YOU are CAPABLE.

You are capable of moving forward.

You are capable of emotional freedom .

You are capable of living the life you dream.

You are capable of whatever you put your mind to.

One day at a time.

One goal at a time, even if your goal is  just getting out of bed today, victory!

Love yourself.

Give yourself time.

Give yourself grace.

You are worthy.


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Each day we get to decide what kind of adventure we will have that day. We will decide to find the bad in our life adventure, or we will find the good.


The last month with the kids and transitioning my life by myself has been "an adventure."


I had a lot to do, I had a lot to figure out, With Gods help I made the impossible, possible. (Okay okay I guess he did it all:)


God has given me the grace, the patience, the persistence to keep going, and the opportunities to reconnect and love on people I haven't had the opportunity to in years.


Restoration is happening,  I let my guard down, I have taken walls down, I have let forgiveness take a front seat and see what God will do. Theres no way to know without trying, right?


Life...it is such an adventure. I'm laying down watching my small children sleep. I get to spend time with my parents. I get to see my dad play with my kids the way he used to play with me and my sister and it breaks down so many walls, it restores, it floods in that love I had kept locked up behind many bolts and many doors.


I have the opportunity to wrap my arms around my parents and tell them how much I love them, how much i appreciate them, so you know what? Im gonna do just that! Because I dont know if I will get that opportunity again.


This trip will be hard. This trip will be long. This trip will be exhausting. This trip will be rewarding. This trip will be healing. This trip will be full of love....because I CHOOSE TO ENJOY THE ADVENTURE.







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Our children are a message


Out babies are part of us. We have the blessed opportunity to be their parents. God entrusted us we these tiny humans to make a positive difference in this world and love him while doing it.

Each day we get to speak into their lives. Our message can be one of negativity and destruction or it can be positive and full of hope.

The message we send our children is the message they will share with the world they will grow up in and one day lead. We have the opportunity now to show them #kindness to show them  what #compassion looks like. We have the opportunity to show them what #unconditionallove looks like. We also have the opportunity to show them what strength, vulnerability, authenticity, and boundaries look like.

Don't wait for the world to teach them these things, we all know what that will look like.

As adults we have an opportunity to make a difference in our world, but our children have that opportunity everyday at school as well. What we teach them, they teach their friends. Why don't we teach them grace and understanding so that we know in the future they will be sending that message.

The love we show our children can be the love that they demonstrate to a time we will not know.

If we can make a positive difference in our childrens future, through them, what is stopping us? Busyness? Time? Phones? Tv?

Our children are a message we send to a time we will not know....

How can we help them now?

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